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CPS/APS Centre

Certified Psychometric Test (CPS) & Aptitude Psychometric Score (APS) gives you an accurate insight into a person's mental horsepower. Whilst CVs and qualifications provide you with a benchmark for a person's academic or intellectual achievements, CPS/APS test give you an indication of the person's potential and their ability to cope with change.

Businesses and Organizations use CPS/APS testing to gain a greater level of certainty in their recruitment decisions, and add focus to their development programs and staff retention initiatives, they  also use them to identify and fast track potential leaders.

CPS/APS test, gives you clear answers to the questions that you would otherwise leave to 'gut feel':

  • Can this person think on their feet?
  • Could I fast track this person?
  • Could we use this person to drive change?
  • Can they cope with the mental demands of the job?
  • Is this person a problem solver?
  • To what extent can we develop this person using training?
  • Is this person sufficiently challenged?
  • Do they have the capacity to handle greater mental demands in their role?

Psychometric testing from Geirer Offshore Processing  Centre can transform the performance of your teams and individuals, delivering an immediate impact on your business.

Spanning the entire employee lifecycle, from recruiting and retaining staff, to developing and managing performance, our assessments will give you a high level of certainty in all of your people decisions.

The key to effective leadership in any business lies in understanding which person you should hire, which you should promote, what makes a top performer, what motivates them, their core strengths, their limitations and the value they add to a team. But what will really set your business apart is benchmarking the behaviors and abilities that will deliver success in your organization, and managing your people into high performance.

CPS/APS  will empower you to do this.

CPS/APS assessment is used to gain insight into, manage and develop the behaviors, aptitude, abilities, competencies and hard skills that will take your business to another level.

We offer 
CPS/APS, which is a cognitive ability & mental ability psychometric test that includes a personality assessment.

CPS/APS tests own structured thinking & aptitude and no study pack is provided in advance of the test.

There are two options how this can be done;

  • Option 1: Physical invigilation here at our offices at Gilian Court 69, Clark Lane Loresho, Nairobi Kenya - Kes 8,450 (Inc VAT) For this option please book two days in advance due to our scheduling process and obtain appointment & gate pass as security will require this for entry in the premise.
  • Option 2: Having the CPS/APS test sent to you online via email as a word document attachment for you to complete and sending email back to us within two hour- Kes 6,450 (Inc VAT). This option requires no prior booking in advance and can be done from any location worldwide to clients who cannot avail themselves to our office due to distance or work commitments. The bookings can be done Monday to Saturday from 8am to 6pm.Booking for Sunday or after 6pm can be arranged with prior notice.

Note: The CPS/APS test under both options 1 & 2 are is the same test and the difference in pricing under option 1 is due to use of our board room and computer.

The CPS/APS certified Score is ready within one hour after completion of the test in pdf format.
Please note that no score will be released until the fee has been paid. The fee payment methods available are;

  • Bank cash deposit-Barclays Bank (Ask for details.)
  • Fee payment via Safaricom Mpesa is also available

Please write to or call +254 704404449/ +254 2038727 for more information or to schedule a CPS booking.